Team Member


Manager, host, and tour guide (DE/EN)

Why did you come to Copenhagen? And what kept you here?

I first came to Copenhagen for the LARP (Life Action Role Play) and Authentic Relating community back in 2017. These two groups were so welcoming and encouraging that I decided to stay and build up a new life here.

What are your favourite places in town?

Sydhavenstippen was the place where I first fell in love with the city. It's a little nature strip at the Southern end of the city directly by the water. And then I love sitting by the Lakes, especially in the morning when the sun warms the Western side. I have spent a lot of time reading and writing there.

What surprised you most when you came to Denmark?

How easy it is to do your taxes. If you didn't care so much about getting a lot back from your taxes, you could literally log in, press "Okay", and that would be it.

What are your favourite restaurants and why?

Café Gavlen on Sankt Hans Gade. It's a lovely little café and bar hidden away a bit. It's focused more on beverages than food, although they serve some pastries. I love sitting on the benches outside and just see the local people go about their life. Baan Thai Isarn on Halmtorvet serves amazing thai food and also in big portions (I am a tall person and like eating). It's almost always booked out, so do make sure to get a reservation beforehand.

Any tips for people coming to Copenhagen:

Never leave the house without a sweater or light jacket even though it looks warm.

What do you do besides working for Tropical Bikes?

I am a ritual designer and facilitator.