Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

CPH Bikes ApS aka Tropical Bikes

Acceptance of the terms and conditions

When completing an order, the customer accepts the stipulations set down in these terms and conditions. Specifically, the customer allows CPH Bikes ApS (also known as Tropical Bikes) to charge the payment card used in case of breach of the terms and conditions, specifically, but not limited to, relating to late return of bike(s), bike theft, damages to bike(s), etc.


Tropical Bikes is exempt from any responsibility for damages, liabilities, and legal claims from the renter or third parties, incurred by the usage of the bike(s) or faulty equipment. It is the responsibility of the renter, at all times, to ensure that the bike and its equipment are fully functional before usage. The renter bears the full responsibility for any use of the bike while not in a functional state, the misuse, or hazardous use of the bike.

The renter is expected to act within the bounds of the law. Tropical Bikes cannot be held responsible, in any way, for the renter’s actions.


The full payment will be returned upon cancellation up til 48 hours ahead of the rental or tour start time. Within 24 - 48 hours of the rental start time, 50% of the full payment will be returned upon cancellation. Within 24 hours of the rental or tour start time the full payment will not be refunded.

All refunds will be excluding (potential) credit card fees incurred.

Renting a bike

A deposit is not required to rent a bike. However, the customer is required to enter their credit card details when making an order. The card will be charged in accordance with the stipulations listed in the terms and conditions.

Rental periods

A fee of 150 DKK/day (normal bike) or 550 DKK/day (special bike) will be charged if the bike is not returned at the end of the rental period. Tropical Bikes can be contacted by phone (+45 50 32 11 00) or e-mail (info@copenhagenbikes.dk) if the renter would like to extend the rental period at the normal rates. It is always the customer's responsibility to make sure that a rental has been extended in due time.

Returning the bike

The bike(s) must be returned at Åboulevard 3, 1635 Kbh. V. or Vester Voldgade 2, 1200 Kbh., either by 18.00 on the last day of the rental period, or on the morning of the following between 08.30 and 09.00. The bikes need to be returned at the same location as they were picked up.

In case the bike is not returned, we reserve the right to charge an extra day’s rent for each day the return is delayed.

If the bike(s) is not returned within 30 days of expiry of the rental contract, the renter will be charged the cost of replacing the bike(s) (see below).


If a bike is damaged or any other problem(s) is experienced with a bike, please contact Tropical Bikes at info@copenhagenbikes.dk or call +45 50 32 11 00 during opening hours (09.00-15.00, daily). Damages to a bike, while a bike is in the renter’s custody are the renter’s responsibility. Tropical Bikes reserves the right to charge for the cost of damages.

The luggage carrier on the bike is not designed for transporting people and will sustain damage when doing so. Additionally, it is illegal and is enforced by the police with fines of 1000 DKK/person.

Non-exhaustive price list for most common damages (fees for other damages do apply):

Bell: 100 DKK

Lights: 300 DKK

Mudguard: 150 DKK

Seat: 200 DKK

Front-wheel: 500 DKK

Brakes: 400 DKK

Cable lock: 100 DKK

New tube: 100 DKK

Spokes: 100 DKK

Flat tire: 150 DKK

Mounted lock: 200 DKK

Pedal: 100 DKK

Gears: 650 DKK

Rear wheel: 750 DKK

Deep scratches: 200 DKK

Not repairable: 3.995 DKK

A bike is deemed “not repairable” at the discretion of Tropical Bikes and its employees. 


If the keys are lost, contact Tropical Bikes at info@copenhagenbikes.dk and Tropical Bikes will provide the renter with a new set of keys or a new lock. This comes at a maximum price of 400 DKK.


Please report the bike stolen at the Tropical Bikes shop. The renter should not under any circumstance report the theft to the police themselves before contacting Tropical Bikes.

The costs for replacing a stolen bike are as follows:

- Normal adult bike: 6,500 DKK

- Children's bike: 5,500 DKK

- E-Bike: 29,500 DKK

- Cargo-Bike: 23,000 DKK

- E-Cargo: 54,500 DKK

- Tandem: 17,000 DKK

An additional 1,000 DKK will be charged if a child seat has been mounted on the stolen bike.

If the renter wants to rent another bike, we will provide one after the payment for the stolen bike has been processed.


The customer must follow all directions given by the guide, local law enforcement, and all applicable traffic rules. Failure to comply with such directions is the sole responsibility of the customer. All stipulations above relating to bike rentals are also in effect in regard to tours where the customer is using a bike provided by Tropical Bikes