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Tour guide (NL/EN)

Why did you come to Copenhagen? And what kept you here?

The coolest woman in the world lured me to Copenhagen, and I am glad she did. I do not miss Holland at all. I miss some friends. But the coolest ones tend to come over.

What are your favourite places in town?

I lived in Nørrebro for a while, the most colorful area of the city. I love stroling through Jægersborggade while eating a kanelsnurr from Meyers bakery. And since I like music, I find myself in concert places like Alice, Loppen and Vega a lot. Vega is perhaps the most beautiful live venue of Scandinavia, highly recommended.

What surprised you most when you came to Denmark?

I was pleasantly surprised how coherent Denmark feels as a society. Things seem less polarized here, compared to the Netherlands or other European countries.

What are your favourite restaurants and why?

A real hidden treasure is Villette, in a quiet courtyard on Fælledvej. They have a small menu with mostly vegetarian options. Very adventurous cooking, great wines and unusual beers on tap.  Another secret tip is H15, if you like good food in an informal setting.

Any tips for people coming to Copenhagen:

Hire a bike, take a deep breath and cycle through Christiania, across the bridge and to the left towards Copenhill and Reffen. You will be amazed about how green Copenhagen really is.

What do you do besides working for Tropical Bikes?

I I'm a freelance journalist writing for a Dutch music magazine and a company that specializes in automotive subjects. Furthermore I take concert pictures for Alice, a live venue in Nørrebro and I work as a volunteer for day care center for handicapped people.

What did you do before you came to Denmark?

I was one of the voices on Dutch national radio that provided the traffic information bulletins. I did that for a very long time, so I am well aware that lots and lots of Dutch people have woken up with my voice, often cursing me for the bad news I brought them. :)