Team Member


Tour guide (NL/EN)

Why did you come to Copenhagen? And what kept you here?

Came here after I fell in love with this cool Danish guy. It was an easy decision for me to move to Copenhagen, I definitely choose Denmark over the Netherlands. I love the calm vibe, and the easy going mentality people have here.

What are your favourite places in town?

Originally coming from a small village, I like the more quiet places here in town. I enjoy spending time at places nestled along the water's edge, and a beach or lake is never far away. Also love exploring the more picturesque streets, like Krusemyntegade.

What surprised you most when you came to Denmark?

That I didn't need to lock my bike with two locks!

What do you do besides working for Tropical Bikes?

I also work as a guide for tours by boat & bike in various European countries.