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Tour guide (DE/EN)

Why did you come to Copenhagen? And what kept you here?

To do my masters in environmental sciences at the University of Copenhagen

What are your favourite places in town?

Œns have urban farm and Reffen on Raefshaleøn, the trail along the old city walls behind Christiania and the lakes, close to the bikeshop.

What are your favourite restaurants and why? Focus rather on one or two places and say a couple of words about what you like about it.

GroSpiseri in Østerbro. All the food is organic and locally sourced. The restaurant is located in a greenhouse on top of a rooftop and dining is in a community style, with everyone seated together at a long table. Flere Fugle. This is a bakery located a little out of the city centre in Nordvest. It has delicious cardamom scrolls and other pastries, sourdough pizza for lunch and dinner and a nice area to sit inside and outside.

Any tips for people coming to Copenhagen:

Try cardamom scrolls and explore the city by bike, it's the easiest and fastest way to get around.

What do you do besides working for Tropical Bikes?

I am doing my masters in environmental sciences and I volunteer at Œns have, an urban farm out in Raefshaleøn.