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Tour guide (NL/EN)

Why did you come to Copenhagen? And what kept you here?

Love! I got a Danish boyfriend around a year ago, and he brought me to Copenhagen. I have lived in Jutland and on Bornholm. The city is something completely different, but I like it! All the history you can see around you, always exiting things happening, it's never boring!

What are your favourite places in town?

The study room in the Black Diamond Library. I was so amazed when I saw it for the first time. I am doing computer work there from time to time. I really like the atmosphere and especially the looks in there!I also really like my apartment in Nørrebro! I love the neighborhood being full of life with all the little shops and events and I also love having walks in Assistens Kirkegård that is right besides our apartment.

What surprised you most when you came to Denmark?

I am surprised about the amount of traditions they still have. Where I am from in the Netherlands, we don't really have a lot of traditions anymore. Here in Denmark, for example, it's no question what you will eat with Christmas or in June, you'll most likely run into a bunch of teenagers wearing sailors' caps because they graduated.

Any tips for people coming to Copenhagen:

Bring your swimming suit and enjoy the harbor beaches all over the city. I think they are quite unique and give Copenhagen even more charm!

What do you do besides working for Tropical Bikes?

I am a glassblower, that's why I originally came to Denmark. I am making art works and also blowing production together with other glassblowers. Besides that I like to play badminton and love playing boardgames.