Team Member


Where are you from?

Technically Belgium-Flemish Region and Canada-British Columbia - but I moved a lot. I sound 'American' but have spend most of my life in Europe, with 12 years in Denmark - longer than anywhere else.

What is your background?

Chemical engineering and renewable energy

Why did you come to Copenhagen? And what kept you here?

Came to Copenhagen for an (unfortunately doomed) love affair, and the possibility of continuing graduate research in renewable energy - got rid of the husband, kept the graduate degree! I have enjoyed staying here because of the small city size, with world class, cosmopolitan vibes. This is a rare combination of a world capital with only 1 million people. I adore casually going past a castle that is 400 years old every day, and relatively high level of safety - I'm not overly worried about my bike, of course it's locked though.

What are your favourite places in town?

I like (and work at) Bastard Cafe - the board gaming cafe/bar - especially their smaller Valby location. I also like the Elmegade-Ravnsborggade-Blågårdsgade area in Nørrebro - there is a lot of vegan food, and Cafe Mellemrummet is very chill. The 400 year old castle I pass every day is Rosenborg Castle, I think it's still my favorite.

What surprised you most when you came to Denmark?

I was expecting more wind turbines to be honest - I thought they would be everywhere in the landscape. But the wind blows mostly from the west, so the big turbines are in the North Sea - now that I know that, the lower numbers closer to Copenhagen make more sense. How prevalent folks able and willing to speak English is - virtually everyone is bilingual (or probably trilingual)How serious Danes take their Viking stuff - including the dedication to the re-enactments - there is a lifelong commitment evident in some of beards! If you get the case, in the summer, pass by one of the Viking markets/gatherings, they are mostly away from Copenhagen, but well worth looking into.

What are your favourite restaurants and why?

I keep going back to H Kitchen - they have excellent poke for reasonable prices. Otherwise, Atlas Bar - I like their atmosphere, and everything is vegan.

What is your favorite part of Copenhagen's history?

Vikings, and the times of swords & axes!

Any tips for people coming to Copenhagen:

Lock your bike, do make sure you bags are closed, don't leave your valuables on a cafe table - just because it's safe doesn't mean petty theft doesn't happen. Please don't walk or stand in the bike lanes - these should be treated as part of the road. We apologize for the size of the Little Mermaid :P

What do you do besides working for Tropical Bikes?

Other tour guiding (mostly walking), barrista-bartender, visual art, board games & DnD, reader of books

How many languages do you speak?

2.5 - English, French, 50% Danish.